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Steampunk Jacket (Top Only)

*Underbust Corset NOT included in the price. If you want this full look, purchase our wench corset or Torian Corset to go with the jacket.

This is another versatile piece that is sold in sets! We have either our steampunk vest which features mini coat tails, adjustable shoulder straps, a dashing little collar, and a sweetheart neckline, OR we have it in the jacket form with detachable fitted sleeves. It is important to remember that these are still fully boned, corseted pieces, and we only call them "vests" and "jackets" because they mimic the look and function. We recommend getting them as a set with either our Wench Corset or our Torian Corset, because the patterns are specifically drafted to interlock and work together! *Oh, and get them with the buttons and trim! They make them sooooo splendid!


*We recommend that, when picking fabrics for these sets, you stick with one that is more solid or tonal and then one patterned fabric. If you pick TWO fabrics with big bold prints, you won't end up looking slender and elegant, you'll just look disjointed and odd. I ALWAYS like a stripe with a floral on top, or a brightly colored jacket with a black, classic corset underneath.


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