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Contact/Company Policies

*The best way to contact me is to email me at seamstress@damseldress.com.  We answer emails every morning on every business day of the calendar year, and we TRY  to get back to you as quickly as possible.

*Our address is

Damsel in this Dress

1452 W Meadow Lane

Mapleton, UT 84664


*We also answer etsy conversations every day, so if you have an etsy account, you can hit the contact button at www.damselinthisdress.etsy.com



*We do not offer refunds, due to the fact that these are custom-fit items made to your specifications, rather than ready-to purchase corsets. We DO, however,  offer exchanges or alterations. Even though you type in your measurements, we understand that the fit of the garment can still have issues due to your body shape, height, and comfort preferences. If the item is too large, we will gladly alter it down for you, with the understanding that you pay shipping both ways. If it is too small, we will gladly remake the item in the next size up and send it out to you as soon as we get the wrong sized one back.

*We have had issues in the past with customers ordering a corset, wearing it to their event, and then making up an excuse to return it, making it so they basically got a free rental of a glorious costume. We want to ensure that this does not happen, which is why we have a more strict return policy.  Please keep all of this in mind when you make your purchase.

*We REALLY are nice people, but please remember that we are a still a small business and family-run, and we are certainly not perfect (though we're dang close!)

*It's important to note that I do not run my business over the telephone. I find it's too easy for details to get lost when there is big long conversations. Emails help me keep all of the information in one place, and they are a great reference if I forget some details and need to go back in and look.